Meet Our Team 

Executive Director

Rebecca Sinclair

I am originally from Barren Lands First Nation and a member of Little Saskatchewan
First Nation. I moved south to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental and
Native Studies from the University of Manitoba. My passions are in land defence,
cultural revitalization, research, and I am a board member of Akiing Onji Foundation.
I have focused on pursuing higher learning that comes from the land and learning
alongside knowledge keepers and Elders.


Gordon Blackburde

On the land, my lineage extends beyond Canada’s past. I was raised in a southwestern farming
community, a place of economic freedom and rootlessness. I am a member of Rainy River
First Nation. From a young age I longed for community – something of substance with greater
meaning and spiritual connection to being in the World.

My fascination with Western philosophy quickly wore off, and I found meaning in studying
Indigenous history. I graduated with a Master of Art’s degree with a Native Studies major.

In my life, community has been more an aspiration than a reality. But strangely, it is central
to my work. I am not re-writing history. My work provides context and counterpoint to
Canada’s grand narrative, which is rife with inaccuracies and inconsistencies.

As I consider my small place in the World, I hope an ethical foundation of patience, commitment
and integrity will help me to pursue the hidden stories of First Nations’ communities in Manitoba. 

Morgan  Brightnose

I am member of Tataskweyak Cree Nation but was born in Thompson and spent time in my
mothers community of Thicket Portage.

I am a PhD student in the History Department at the University of Manitoba. My dissertation
and current research focus is on Indigenous student activism. I chose the topic as I wanted to
highlight the historic successes of Indigenous post-secondary students that have largely been
ignored by historians.

I chose to stay out of academia and joined TARR because I wanted to support First Nations Bands
in Manitoba in obtaining Land Back or other forms of compensation.

Kayla Shaganash

My spirit name is Dancing Northern Light Woman from the Bear Clan. I am a descendant of
James Bay Cree, Anishinaabe, and Swampy Cree Nation. My home community is Netamizaagamig Nishinaabeg, Pic Mobert Ontario, but was born and raised the majority of my life within
Treaty 1 Territory.

I am in my fourth year of my undergraduate degree pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (Advanced) with
a major in Anthropology and a minor in Indigenous Studies.

Within my studies I hope to create a space for future Indigenous researchers within the campus
community of the University of Manitoba and remove barriers that Indigenous students face in
their everyday studies.

Melanie Rose

I am the librarian and a researcher at TARR. I focus on managing the organization’s collection
of historical documents and reports.

I am a settler, who was born in Winnipeg to parents who immigrated to Canada from eastern Europe.

In my spare time, I enjoy researching my family’s genealogy and going camping in Riding Mountain National Park’s backcountry with my husband. I also work with Artic Goose
Venture, that is a long time study on migratory geese.

I have a Library and Information Technology diploma from Red River College, where I
received the gold medal for achieving the highest cumulative grade point average in my graduating year. I also have an Honors Bachelor of Science in Geography from the University
of Winnipeg.