General FAQ

The T.A.R.R. Centre has a large collection of historical material focused mainly on the First Nations of Manitoba.  Access to the main stacks is open to the general public.

Please note that the T.A.R.R. Centre does not lend out  materials under any circumstance.

Genealogy / Treaty Annuity Paylists

Paylists up to 1909 are accessible online, via Library and Archives Canada and Heritage Canadiana. Please click the "how to search paylists online" button to the right for a brief tutorial on how to access the paylists through LAC.

Paylists 1910 and onwards are restricted for privacy reasons. In order to access the paylists through T.A.R.R. you will first need to obtain permission from the First Nation. Once permission is obtained from an authorized member of the First Nation, forward a  signed copy to From there, we will schedule a time and date for you to view the paylists and conduct research.

Please note that we do not conduct this research for you. We will provide as much intitial consultation as required, but the major portion of the work will be the responsibility of the outside researcher.

Status Card

The T.A.R.R. Centre is an important resource for genealogy. The paylists are a useful tool in helping determine Indian Status, but the Centre is unable to help fill out the application for Indian Status or submit it on your behalf. 

To learn more about applying for Indian Status, please see the Government of Canda's website for the application process here.

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